Review Allen Shadow
King Kong Serenade
Reprinted from:   Blue City Records By Dollev

It seems that less and less kids are reading literature nowadays. But is there a way to lure the youth of today away from their Playstation 2 and get them to read John Fante's "Dreams of Bunker Hill" voluntarily?

Singer/songwriter Allen Shadow thinks there is. The following quote is from the press release regarding the launch of Shadow's debut album, "King Kong Serenade":

We need a resurgence of literate music, said Shadow, whose
debut indie-label CD King Kong Serenade (Blue City Music)
takes aim at the lackluster literate state of the music scene.
Songs with meaty, interesting imagery can turn listeners on.


And Shadow's lyrics are pretty literate. A sample of "Hoppers Town":

The cherry letter-G
bounces off Joe Louis' cheekbone
below the Garden marquee
strikes a window corner
across the blackening street
where it contemplates eternity
This is Hoppers town
Edward Hoppers town

I am not sure if Allen Shadow's music will drive hordes of youngsters to the public library. But if you are a fan of people like Nick Cave or Jim White, you should really visit Allen's Web site and give "King Kong Serenade" a listen. Meanwhile, I hope politicians will ban books again. I can't think of any other marketing strategy that would work.


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