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June 23, 2002


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CATSKILL, N.Y. — Rock poet Allen Shadow and his debut CD are featured on, a Web site designed to identify the best new independent music.

This week, the Bronx-born bard’s "King Kong Serenade" album (Blue City Records) rose for a time to the number one spot for’s "cool new" finds and to number 11 overall. EmergentMusic’s artist ratings are driven by listener recommendations.

Shadow is also featured in an introduction from EmergentMusic CEO Gary Robinson. In an open letter, Robinson cites Shadow and his value as an artist in making the case for successfully connecting audience and artist over the Internet.

"King Kong Serenade" offers a noirish portrait of New York City, from its famed icons to its ill-fated ghosts, as it invokes the spirits of Kerouac, bebop jazz greats, painters, grifters, street hustlers and colorful side-show personae.

Released recently in upstate New York, the CD received a five-star review from the Daily Freeman, which called Shadow "a true rock poet in the tradition of Nick Cave, Tom Waits, and Dylan."

Critics are also comparing Shadow to early Lou Reed, Bruce Springsteen, and Jim Carroll.

"Perhaps not since Lou Reed…have images of New York life, from the sidewalks to the subways to the squatter tenements, from Coney Island to the Bronx, been so aptly paired with the sound of crunching guitars, bass and drums," wrote Seth Rogovoy in the Berkshire Eagle, calling him "an original storyteller" and saying Shadow, "like Reed…has the poet’s gift for imagery."

"Serenade" will be released nationally this fall. Club dates will be announced.

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