Shadow releases 'Miss America' video
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'Miss America' video:
'Kerouac meets Lou Reed...'
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'The banks are bandits now' -- new song
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'King Kong Serenade' - the cult CD free, MP3

— The Daily Freeman:
"Shadow is a true rock poet, in the tradition of Nick Cave, Dylan and Tom Waits..." Read Reviews
— The Berkshire Eagle:
"An original storyteller… not since Lou Reed…have images of New York…been so aptly paired…Like Reed, Shadow has the poet’s gift…"
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"Shadow fills his descriptions with dark and dreamy, psychedelic-tinged images that recall songs like Dylan's 'Mr. Tambourine Man,' Eric Anderson's 'Violets of Dawn' and Donovan's 'Sunny Goodge Street.' The quintessential example is 'Sugar Street,' in which the listener finds himself swirling weightlessly from great line to great line."
— Seth Rogovoy, WAMC:
"‘King Kong Serenade’ really reminds me of early Lou Reed, Jim Carroll and Bruce Springsteen."
— chronogram:
"Shadow walks the same New York streets as Lou Reed before him, another bard of the underbelly of Gotham, creating verbal mosaics out of urban decay."
— Australian Roots:
"Urban grunge that is a captivating mix of Garland Jefferies, Lou Read, Patti Smith and Tom Verlaine from his 70's Television days…the lyrics sound great and conjure up rich mindscape images…This is the sort of energy that Patti Smith generated on her classic 'Horses' album. Love it!"
"Powerful New York City rock poetry."
"Here's a novel idea - music with an emphasis on the lyrics. Allen Shadow is a poet that uses music to get the point across, not a musician that fills the space with words. There's a crucial difference."
"Allen Shadow gives a classic performance that will surely raise some eyebrows in the entertainment sector." Read Reviews
— NY rock:
"The disc smokes and burns like steam coming out of a manhole cover, gritty and authentic, and fans of New York and artists like Reed, Jim Carroll, etc. will find this a must-have addition to their music collection."
"Shadow is an extremely capable songwriter; his words speak, and his music rocks with authority. Tracks like 'Downtown,' 'Crossroads of America,' 'Hopper's Town,' and 'You, Coney Island' are as authentic word pictures as many of Lou Reed's best works."
— roots town magazine:
"‘King Kong Serenade’ is a fascinating album on New York’s dark side…the title song is just about perfect…Sugar Street is yet another beautiful black song…Everyone who loves Lou Reed and Nick Cave will definitely appreciate this album.
— Metroland:
"Enough gritty lyricism and clanging guitar parts to make Lou Reed proud…there's no stopping Allen Shadow."
— Billy Collins, U.S. Poet Laureate:
"There are some amazing tunes...'Downtown' seems like a rock epic; 'Crossroads of America' matches the red, white, and blue poetry of Tom Petty with the heartland feeling of John Mellencamp; and 'Hopper's Town' is a tense, urban history book. Allen Shadow has true talent when it comes to songwriting."
"Whatever your musical taste might be, Shadow sings with a new dimension of coloratura vocal paint that forces you the visually listen!"
"Gamy and literate with herculean imagery in the rock-poet genre.


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